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Covid testing for companies

Safeguard your staff and reduce absenteeism with rapid Covid-19 antigen testing. Corporate Covid-19 testing starts from £55 per person.

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Covid testing for companiesWe've helped thousands of UK employees get tested for Covid-19

Results in 15 minutes

Medicspot is a CQC regulated provider of healthcare services with over 300 GP clinics nationwide. We provide Covid-19 testing solutions for companies including workplace testing with results in 15 minutes.

CE certified Covid-19 test

Our SARS-CoV-2 antigen test is CE certified and approved in the UK. We arrange healthcare professionals to test your staff on-site in your workplace or in one of our central testing locations. Test results are available in 15 minutes.

Important: Blood (antibody) or saliva tests are not validated and can be inaccurate - you should not rely on such tests to manage your workforce.

Corporate coronavirus testing

Tests are returned to our lab by dropping them off at one of our Express Pharmacies or via courier. Employees then receive their results by email.

Regular planned testing

Do you need daily, weekly or monthly testing for your staff? We can support you with fast, convenient and affordable Covid-19 tests. Packages start from £55 per person.

Ad hoc testing

You may want to test if the need arises, such as when:

  • An employee develops symptoms of Covid-19
  • An employee comes into close contact with someone with Covid-19
  • An employee has had a positive result and you require testing for the rest of the workforce
  • Other situations noted in your Covid-19 policy

What options are available?

Bulk discounts

Test employees in certain bubbles or test your entire workforce with our coronavirus antigen testing solution. Our on-site healthcare professional will provide Covid-19 test results in just 15 minutes.

Prices start from £55 per employee.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Buy Covid-19 PCR swab tests for your employees as you need them. You can have the swabs sent to your employees or to your workplace (1 day turnaround time). Alternatively, your employees can pick up their kit from their closest Medicspot Covid Test Hub.

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Frequently asked questions

How will employees return their swabs to the lab?

For upfront purchases and PAYG, once the swabs have been self collected by your employees, the completed swab kits need to be sent back to our lab for analysis. Employees can send their swabs back via courier.

How do employees get their test results?

Once the lab has analysed the swab tests, the patient is sent an email with the results. This can be negative, positive or inconclusive (very rarely). Please note, under data protection we are not allowed to share the results directly with anyone apart from the employee. However, if the test is positive, our doctors will inform NHS Public Health England so contacts can be traced under the ‘NHS Test and Trace’ programme.

How accurate is this test?

The test is provided by our UKAS accredited laboratory on a CE marked PCR assay machine.

It is important to follow the instructions correctly so the correct swabs are taken from the throat and nose. If performed correctly, the test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100%.

Last updated 28 September 2020

Respond to outbreaks

Medicspot helps you to quickly and easily test all staff who had ‘close contact’ with an infected person. You can then:

  • Request staff to self-isolate if they are Covid positive
  • Allow staff to return to work if they are Covid negative

Positive test results

If staff test positive for Covid, follow your sector-specific action card:

Types of actions you may need to put in place include:

Enhanced hygiene, hand washing and cleaning practices.

Implement a test and trace system in your company.

Increase staff awareness of your preventative measures.

Limit access or temporarily close parts of your workplace.

Multiple cases of Covid

If you have multiple cases of Covid in the workplace, you should contact your local health protection team to report the suspected outbreak. They will then:

  • undertake a risk assessment
  • provide public health advice
  • where necessary, establish a multi-agency incident management team to manage the outbreak

Negative test results

Staff do not need to self-isolate if their test results are negative, as long as:

  • everyone they live with who has symptoms tests negative
  • everyone in their support bubble who has symptoms tests negative
  • they were not told to self-isolate for 14 days by NHS Test and Trace
  • they feel well – if they feel unwell, they should stay at home until they’re feeling better

Back to work

Start by assessing all job roles and ensure staff work from home if they can. Follow the government guidelines to create a Covid-secure workplace.

Covid testing programme

The government suggests to companies that they are clear on the following points before establishing a Covid testing policy:

  • Who the testing will cover (i.e. employees, contractors)
  • What the focus of the programme is (i.e. symptomatic or asymptomatic)
  • How often staff will be tested
  • Appropriate facilities for carrying out the tests
  • Which test should be used
  • Arrangements for any individual who does not wish to be tested
  • How the employer will use test results
  • The compatibility of the programme with its legal responsibilities to staff 
  • The affordability of implementing a testing programme

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