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Family planning clinic in Euston

Book a confidential consultation with one of our discrete family planning doctors. Our experienced doctors offer personalised family planning advice in a comfortable and confidential environment. When you arrive at our Euston contraception clinic, one of our expert doctors will speak with you via videolink. Our state of the art clinical stations can be used to take your vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate so you can collect any prescribed medication, including contraceptive pills and emergency contraception, instantly from Green Light Pharmacy.


Our doctors can offer advice on your best family planning contraception options, including female and male contraceptive methods. They can also prescribe the contraceptive pill, contraceptive patch, and emergency contraceptive pill.

Period delay

Want to know how to delay your period? Your Medicspot doctor can offer advice on how to delay your period by using medication. If this is suitable, your medication will be available instantly after the consultation.

Erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation

From erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation, our private doctors can support and treat you in full confidence. They can prescribe erectile dysfunction tablets and premature ejaculation pills, as well as discuss the causes of premature ejaculation and what causes erectile dysfunction.

Making you healthier, faster

We believe convenient access to healthcare leads to a healthier, happier nation. That’s why we’ve designed the Medicspot Clinical Station - the safest way to see an online doctor.

How it works

Our Euston family planning clinic offers same day appointments so you can quickly see a doctor on your schedule. As part of our private GP service, Medicspot doctors offer expert advice to help you with your family planning issues. We take the time to understand your exact needs and concerns before suggesting a tailored treatment plan.

Caring environment

Our confidential family planning consultations are held in the private consulting room in Green Light Pharmacy.

Personalised service

Medicspot doctors can conduct comprehensive clinical examinations to provide the best quality care.

Instant prescriptions

Any prescribed medication will be available to pick up instantly from Green Light Pharmacy.

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Holiday hours may vary. Please call for more details.

Euston family planning info

Our family planning Euston clinic offers same day appointments and walk in family planning services. If you’re looking for ‘family planning services near me’ or a ‘walk in family planning clinic near me’, our private contraception clinic is conveniently located inside Green Light Pharmacy and can be easily accessed using public transport. Check our family planning clinic opening times if you opt for a walk in appointment. Wait times for family planning walk in appointments cannot be guaranteed. To schedule an appointment, you can easily use our online booking system or call our Euston family planning clinic phone number and book through one of our expert advisors.

Book private doctor appointments at your local pharmacy clinic.
Full clinical examinations with our state-of-the-art medical technology.
Any prescribed medication will be ready to collect on your way out.
Get ongoing care and support with specialist referral letters.
Sick notes
Our doctors can write fit for work or school notes as needed.
Blood tests
Our doctors can organise blood tests wherever you are. Call us on 020 3637 8398.

What our patients say

Medicspot offers a convenient, affordable and caring service to all. But don't just take our word for it. We've helped thousands of patients with a diverse range of health issues - here's what people are saying about us.

All services available from our Euston clinic

Medicspot private doctors can treat a variety of health conditions, from aches and pains to mental health. Visit our treatment page to see a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be treated by Medicspot.

  • Aches and pains
    Arthritis, back pain, muscle sprains, etc.
  • Allergies
    Hay fever, house dust allergy, itchy eyes, etc.
  • Coughs
    Chest infections, asthma, pneumonia, reflux, etc.
  • Cold and flu
    Influenza, fever, etc.
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Eye problems
    Conjunctivitis, red eye, stye, blepharitis, etc.
  • Headaches
    Tension headache, migraine, etc.
  • Male sexual health
    Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.
  • Mental health
    Depression, stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Skin problems
    Rash, acne, eczema, fungal infection, hairloss, etc.
  • Urine infections
    Urinary tract infections, cystitis, incontinence, etc.
  • Female sexual health
    Contraceptive pill, Heavy Period, etc.
  • Feets and nails
    Nail infections, athlete’s foot, etc.
  • General wellbeing
    Weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.
  • Travel medicine
    Travel advice, travel anxiety, period delay, etc.

Sometimes, there are no convenient appointments available at your nearest NHS family planning clinic. Medicspot launched its family planning clinic in Euston to reduce the wait times to see a doctor. Whether you’re looking for advice on natural family planning methods or need to be prescribed birth control, our family planning doctors are on hand to give you the support and advice you need.

Looking for nearby NHS services?

Medicspot exists to improve patient care in the UK. Our Euston GP surgery connects you with an online private GP in a matter of minutes, making healthcare more convenient and accessible. Sometimes your health issue may require a traditional NHS GP or even a visit to A&E. Here are your nearest Euston NHS services.

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Basildon University Hospital

Nethermayne, Basildon, Essex SS16 5NL, Essex SS16 5NL

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Women's health

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

60 Great Ormond Street, London, WC1N 3HR, WC1N 3HR

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NHS GP surgery

Camden Health Improvement Practice

108 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2LS, NW1 2LS

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NHS urgent care centre

University College Hospital

235 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BU, NW1 2BU

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