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Covid testing at homeCoronavirus testing at home: 8 simple steps

The thought of taking a Covid test at home can be daunting. So to help put your mind at ease, I’ve broken the process down to show you how to test yourself for COVID-19.

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When you order your home COVID-19 test. from Medicspot, you can reserve your test kit online for instant collection at one of our Covid Test Hubs or get it delivered to your home by post.

Once you receive your COVID-19 home test kit

Inside your test kit you’ll find that it contains:

  • One swab (some kits come with a spare)
  • A sample tube containing a transport medium, which is a liquid that helps stabilise the swab whilst it’s transported to the lab
  • A clear sealed bag
  • A box
  • Registration instructions to register your home test kit

Before attempting to collect a sample, please carefully read the instruction leaflet that comes with your kit, and do not attempt to perform the swab on yourself or another person if you are uncomfortable doing so.

Step 1

Unpack the COVID-19 test kit and get everything laid out ready. We recommend that you blow your nose to ensure nothing interferes with the test, as well as washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Step 2

Unpack the swab from the sterile pack, making sure to be careful not to touch the fabric end of the swab on anything. You only need to use one of the swabs if you have two in your pack.

Then, use a mirror to look at the back of your throat and rub the fabric end of the swab over your tonsils 5 times. Or if you’ve had your tonsils removed, rub the fabric where your tonsils were before they were removed.

Then remove the swab from your mouth, being careful not to touch it against anywhere else in your mouth.

Step 3

Using the same swab, insert the fabric end into your nostril. Make sure that you don’t touch any other part of your face, until you reach resistance, which is usually at around 2.5 centimeters.

Then rotate the swab 5 times against the inside of your nose, and carefully remove it and repeat that process in the other nostril.

Step 4

Place the swab into the small sample tube which contains the liquid. You may need to snap or cut off any excess stem and ensure the lid is closed securely.

Step 5

Place the sample tube inside the clear plastic bag and seal it firmly.

Step 6

Place the clear plastic bag containing the sample into the UN3373 marked cardboard box.

Step 7

Ensure the box is securely closed and the flaps are tucked inside the box. Attach the security seal to the flap and the bottom of the box in the areas marked on your instructional leaflet. And that’s it!

Registration and returning your home test kit

Before returning your kit, please ensure that you have completed the following checklist:

  • Make sure you have registered your kit online, as otherwise your test result will be invalid. The instruction leaflet inside your box will show you how to register.
  • Make sure your completed swab has been placed inside the box.
  • Make sure the box has been sealed using the security seal.

Then you need to return your completed kit for testing, following the instructions on the leaflet.

You will receive an email notification when your results are ready.

Other COVID-19 FAQs

What should I do if someone tests positive for Covid at home?

If someone you live with develops COVID-19 symptoms, they will need to self-isolate at home along with all the other people who live with them; this will include you. They will need to arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19.

They and the people who live with them should follow the government’s stay at home guidance for households with possible or confirmed COVID-19.

Can you tell me how to get a Covid test sent to home?

You can book and reserve your Covid PCR test kit online from Medicspot for instant collection. You then just need to visit your nearest Covid test centre to pick up your test.

What is the COVID-19 test procedure?

The COVID-19 PCR test procedure is a simple self-swab sample that is collected from the back of the throat and nose. You then return your swab for testing by our world-class UKAS accredited labs and receive an email when your results are ready. For a step by step walkthrough of how to take a Covid test yourself, watch our video at the top of the page.

How do you return a home Covid test?

Once you have performed the Covid test at home, you need to seal and return your kit to your nearest Test Hub. We collect from our Test Hubs daily after 2pm (when opening hours permit).

Can you get Covid test results on a weekend?

COVID-19 test results are processed by our labs 7 days a week, including weekends and during the holiday period.

Can I get my COVID-19 test results online?

Your COVID-19 test results are sent to you via email as soon as they are ready.

Is it possible to receive incorrect Covid test results?

When performing your test, please follow the enclosed instructions carefully to ensure swabs are correctly taken from the throat and nose. Our COVID-19 PCR test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100% when it is performed correctly.

By Dr Adam Abbs. Last updated 23/12/2020

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