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Latest Updates

Last updated 4 October 2021

As of 17 May 2021, there is no longer a legal restriction or permitted reason required to travel internationally.

Covid-19 antigen tests are not accepted for those travelling to Singapore from the UK. Alternatively, you can test for Covid-19 using one of our PCR test kits which must be taken within 72 hours before departing the UK. Failure to provide a negative Covid-19 test may result in travellers being refused entry to Singapore.

From 4am on Monday 4 October 2021, the rules for international travel to England have changed from the red, amber, green traffic light system to a single red list of countries and simplified travel measures for arrivals from the rest of the world. The rules for travel from countries and territories not on the red list will depend on your vaccination status. Fully vaccinated travellers can book a day 2 test with free delivery. Not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers can book their return antigen tests and day 2 and 8 travel packages with Medicspot. Further details can be found on our Covid test page.

Singapore Travel Advice

Can I travel to Singapore?

As of May 2021, Visitors, including Long Term Pass holders, from anywhere in the world cannot travel to Singapore without prior permission from the Singapore government. Singapore citizens and permanent residents can enter Singapore without permission. All travellers to Singapore, from all locations, should continue to check for the latest information on entry restrictions and requirements as these are subject to change.

Further travel information can be found on the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website.

Which Coronavirus test do I need to travel to Singapore?

From 31 January 2021, short term visitors (if allowed entry) are required to have medical insurance of at least S$30,000. Once you have been granted permission to enter Singapore you must submit an online health declaration in advance of your arrival.

From 24 April, a negative PCR test is required 72 hours before departure from the UK. All arrivals must have three PCR tests after arrival: one upon arrival in Singapore, one after 14 days and one at the end of their 21 day quarantine period.

What are the quarantine rules upon entering Singapore?

All those granted permission to enter Singapore will be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival and arrivals from most destinations will be issued with a Stay at Home Notice (SHN) for at least 21 days. The SHNs must be served at a government-designated hotel at the traveller’s cost. Those over the age of 12 years old who are in quarantine at home will need to (by law) wear an electronic tag for the duration of their quarantine period. The tags are about the size of a watch and are worn on the wrist.

In addition to quarantine fees, all arrivals must pay for a Covid-19 test which will be conducted before the SHN quarantine period ends. While you’re serving quarantine you will not be allowed to leave your room/place of residence. This quarantine period cannot be reduced, even if you wish to leave Singapore. Failure to comply carries a fine and a jail term of up to six months. Further information can be found on the Singapore government website.

How much does a Covid-19 test cost for travel to Singapore?

If you are travelling to Singapore, a Covid-19 test costs £75. This covers the PCR test as well as a Fit to Fly certificate.

Are Medicspot Covid tests approved by Singapore?

Yes, Medicspot tests and Fit to Fly certificates are universally recognised by both Singapore Airlines and the Singapore government.

What documentation will I get following my Covid test to meet Singapore travel requirements?

If your Covid-19 test is negative, Medicspot will provide you with negative test results as well as a Fit to Fly certificate within the 72-hour testing requirement window.

How long before my flight to Singapore should I take a Covid test?

Travellers from the UK to Singapore must take a negative PCR test 72 hours before their flight.