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    Find your nearest sexual health clinic to receive personalised advice and family planning support. Please note that our sexual health clinics do not offer smear tests or blood tests on-site. If you need a blood test, just let us know a convenient time and one of our nurses will take your samples for you - all from the comfort of your own home.

    Sexual health clinic FAQs

    What is a sexual health clinic?

    A sexual health clinic, also known as a genitourinary medicine clinic or GUM clinic, offers sexual health advice, as well as testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Medicspot sexual health clinics do not offer on-site testing. Instead, our nurses conveniently travel to your home to collect your samples.

    Can you go to any sexual health clinic?

    Anyone can book an appointment at a Medicspot sexual health clinic - you do not need to be registered with us to see one of our doctors. Our service is ideal for tourists or people who cannot get an appointment at their local GUM clinic.

    What happens at a sexual health clinic?

    Medicspot sexual health clinics are located inside pharmacy consulting rooms. You can pre-book a sexual health clinic appointment online or walk in at a time that suits you. When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll have a video consultation with a doctor. Any prescribed medication can be instantly paid for and collected on your way out.

    Where is my nearest sexual health clinic?

    Looking for a sexual health clinic near me? You’re in luck. We have hundreds of clinics across the UK. Simply search your postcode, town or city and find your nearest sexual health clinic open now.

    Are sexual health clinics free?

    Medicspot is a private service. You can book a private doctor appointment for only £49. Blood test pricing varies depending on what is being tested for.

    Can sexual health clinics prescribe antibiotics?

    Medicspot doctors can prescribe antibiotics. Any medication prescribed is at the doctor’s discretion.

    Do sexual health clinics do pregnancy tests?

    Medicspot does not sell pregnancy tests. However, we’re conveniently located inside pharmacies - many of which sell pregnancy tests.


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