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Our nurses will visit your home to take blood and urine samples, free of charge.

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We'll call you to schedule a convenient time for the nurse to visit and take samples.

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Our confidencial service offers quick and accurate results within 2-4 business days.

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Convenient nurse visit

You no longer need to take time out of your day to visit your nearest STI clinic in High Wycombe. One of our nurses will drop by your home to take samples, saving you time and eliminating the need to wait hours at your local High Wycombe GUM clinic. Order your private STI test today.

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Quick and accurate results

Your samples are sent for processing at our world-class pathology laboratory, trusted and used by the NHS. Our lab is compliant with the UKAS Medical Laboratory accreditation (ISO 15189) and the Care Quality Commission. All test results are reviewed by doctors from Medicspot's family planning clinic in High Wycombe to ensure you receive a personalised treatment plan.

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Trusted and confidential

Never wait again at your NHS drop in sexual health clinic in High Wycombe. Our nurses visit your home so you can maintain your privacy. We take security very seriously and ensure your data is managed according to GDPR. Our sexual health service protects your identity and keeps your testing confidential.

Worried about chlamydia?

Many people don't experience symptoms when they contract and STI. Some sexually transmitted infections can lead to long-term, serious health conditions so it is important to find out early and get tested. Our sexual health service in High Wycombe gives you peace of mind. Here are some stats about chlamydia among 15-24 year olds in the South East in 2018.


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Visit our sexual health clinic in High Wycombe

Take control of your health. Whether you need the emergency contraception pill or treatment for a sexually transmitted infection, we’re here to give you confidential advice and support. Discuss your sexual health with one of our expert doctors today. Stop waiting hours for an appointment at a walk in sexual health clinic in High Wycombe. Our private sexual health clinic in High Wycombe offers same day appointments so you can get treatment quickly. Most Medicspot clinics are open on a Saturday – check your nearest High Wycombe sexual health clinic opening times for more details. Book an appointment at our drop in clinic in High Wycombe today.


    Family planning in High Wycombe

    As well as discreet STI testing, Medicspot’s sexual health clinic in High Wycombe provides personalised family planning advice.



    When you arrive at a Medicspot contraception clinic in High Wycombe, one of our expert doctors will speak with you via video link. Every family planning clinic in High Wycombe is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can take your vital signs - such as blood pressure and heart rate - so your doctor can prescribe you with the right birth control, contraceptive pill or emergency contraception.


    Period delay

    Want to know how to delay your period? Speak to one of our doctors at any GUM clinic in High Wycombe. They can offer advice on how to delay your period by using medication. Any medication will be available for collection instantly after the consultation. Book a confidential consultation with one of our discrete family planning doctors in High Wycombe today.


    Erectile dysfunction

    From erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation, our private doctors in High Wycombe can support and treat you in full confidence. They can prescribe erectile dysfunction tablets and premature ejaculation pills, as well as discuss the causes of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. See a GP at one of our family planning clinics in High Wycombe for confidential advice.

    Need an NHS sexual health clinic?

    Medicspot complements the NHS by providing sexual health services to those who find it difficult to get a convenient appointment at their local STD clinic in High Wycombe. However, there are times you may be looking for free STI testing in High Wycombe. Here are your nearest NHS sexual health clinics in High Wycombe.

    Shaw In High Wycombe

    SHAW Clinic, Wycombe Hospital, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe HP11 2TT

    Wye Valley Surgery

    2 Desborough Avenue, High Wycombe HP11 2RN

    Buckinghamshire College Group - Wycombe Campus

    Spring Lane, High Wycombe HP10 9HE

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