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Anna Murphy

Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist

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Anna Murphy is a Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist based in Leicester. She has worked in the field of respiratory medicine for over 20 years working mainly in hospital but also in GP practices. She is a member of many national organisations helping to support enhanced respiratory care.

Medical Experience

Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist – University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Co-chair Medicine Optimisation Working Group – Taskforce for Lung Health

Visiting Profession – De Montfort University

Training & Qualifications


Specialisms and Areas of Interest

Clinical Pharmacy, Respiratory Disease

Articles By This Author


We rely on our airways to carry air in and out of our lungs, but what happens if they don’t function properly? Asthma is a common cause – a chronic condition that affects 5.4 million people in the UK, making it difficult for air to reach the lungs and causing uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous symptoms.

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