Changing lives through dependable healthcare, one community at at time.

Putting patients first
Often, people are forced to wait weeks to see their GP. During this time, conditions can worsen and become more difficult to treat. Medicspot wants everyone to have convenient access to the care they need to help build a healthier, happier nation. With over 100 locations across the UK offering same day appointments, we’re already on track to achieve this.
Using technology
Medicspot uses innovative technology to perform a full clinical examination of patients. Our GPs can listen to a patient’s heart and lungs, look down their throat and into their ears, take their blood pressure and oxygen readings, and measure their body temperature. This technology allows Medicspot to treat 70% more conditions than smartphone-based GP services.
Working with pharmacies
Medicspot shares the same vision as the NHS – to place pharmacies at the forefront of primary care. By working with over a hundred independent pharmacies across the UK, Medicspot is committed to improving the capabilities of a pharmacy and provide safer, more convenient care to patients.

Why we do what we do

Every day, 130,000 patients are unable to get an appointment with their NHS GP. Short-staffed and underfunded – through no fault of its own – the NHS is struggling to cope with rising demand. Patients are often forced to wait weeks to see their GP. Meanwhile, health conditions can deteriorate and become more difficult to treat. By putting technology and pharmacy at the forefront of primary care, Medicspot gives patients high-quality care at a time and place that suits them. With over 100 locations and counting across the UK, we’re building a healthier, happier nation.

Our team

Dr Zubair Ahmed
Co-founder & CEO
Zubair read medicine at the University of Aberdeen and subsequently trained to be a GP and worked as a GP both in England and Scotland. He realised that primary healthcare provision could be made much more efficient and safer through the use of technology; which led to the launch of MedicSpot. He strongly believes that innovation has the potential to increase capacity in our health system whilst also improving the quality of care. Dr Ahmed is passionate about solving health challenges that we face through creativity and innovation. He holds a MBA from London Business School.
Adam Thornhill
Head of marketing
Adam is a dynamic marketing, business development, and operations executive with a passion for data and customer centricity. Having held similar roles at startups and nonprofits, he brings a process-driven approach to MedicSpot. Adam has lived and worked across the United States and knows firsthand the importance of a fair and accessible healthcare system for all. He currently volunteers as Chief Marketing Officer at We Make Change.
Oliver Brooks
Chief technology officer
Oliver has founded and run companies in different industries ever since graduating from University . He brings with him a wealth of experience in technical know-how, security, marketing and leadership skills to MedicSpot. Oliver feels that technology and innovation has a large role to play in improving our health system and is hoping that MedicSpot leads this change. Oliver holds a MET (Engineering) from Queens’ College, Cambridge.
Johnson D'Souza
Clinical director
Johnson is a London based GP, with an interest in patient safety and clinical governance and has gained experience by undertaking roles including Performance Associate with the General Medical Council, Specialist Performance Advisor with the Care Quality Commission and Clinical Advisor with NHS England. He has an MBA from London Business School.
Rahul Kapoor
Chief commercial officer
Rahul is passionate about healthcare innovation, leadership and impact. He has a worked for Johnson & Johnson and Unilever across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Rahul has led large international teams working in the medical device and pharmaceutical sector. He has a track record of driving adoption of innovation, delivering business impact, thought leadership and leading teams with purpose. Rahul holds an MBA from London Business School and B’Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Advisory team

Jurek Sikorski
Jurek has extensive experience within the healthcare industry. After founding and exiting Boots-Celltech, Jurek became Sales & Marketing Director at Wellcome Diagnostics and Smith & Company, a FTSE 100 company. He progressed onto CEO roles at biotechnology companies before leading a medical devices start-up to successful IPO. Jurek is chairman of several companies and founder of Henley Business Angels.
Jacques de Cock
Jacques has over 20 years experience in global consulting, technology, business creation and management. He is a founding director of Spicer and Openheim consultants and was CEO of Patsystems which he took from a 6 man start-up to a £200m IPO in 3 years. He is currently CEO and partner at a business services firm, early stage advisory and a financial services consulting company. Jacques is also a trustee of 2 charities.
Saleem Arif
Saleem founded QualitySolicitors, the UK’s first and largest legal brand with several hundred branches nationwide and now making up 5% of the entire private client legal market. Prior to founding QualitySolicitors, Saleem worked as a marketing consultant at McKinsey & Company and an equities broker at Merrill Lynch. Saleem read Economics and Cambridge and has a MBA from London Business School.

Meet our doctors

MedicSpot private doctors are registered with the General Medical Council.

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