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Dr Zubair Ahmed

General Practitioner

Medicspot’s expertise is rooted in Primary Care, and specifically General Practice and Telemedicine. All our Authors and Reviewers have expertise in Primary Care and related specialisms. See our Content and Editorial Policy to learn more about how we create and maintain Health Guide content that is up-to-date, accurate, trustworthy and helpful.

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Dr Zubair Ahmed is a GP and the Co-founder and CEO of Medicspot. He has been a doctor for 12 years after obtaining his medical degree from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

He worked across a wide array of specialities before focusing his energies on becoming a General Practitioner. Dr Ahmed is very excited about how technology can help both doctors and patients alike.

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Founder & CEO – Arc Health

General Practitioner – UK National Health Service (NHS)

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General Practice, Telemedicine

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Sick note

Sick notes – also known as fit notes, doctor’s notes, and med3s – can be complicated to navigate. They are especially challenging if you have been fortunate enough to never need one.

GP Referral Letters

If you require a referral to a private specialist, our GPs at Medicspot can provide you with a referral today. Our doctors can issue letters for Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Gastroenterologists, Orthopaedics and other specialists.


Woman Dealing with Symptoms of Flu
Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a common viral infection that affects your nose, throat and lungs. Learn more about symptoms, diagnosis and available treatments.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat some types of bacterial infection. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in response to the use of these medicines.

5 positive things that can happen when you quit smoking

If you’re thinking of ditching the habit, this expert advice might help. We asked two GPs to share the biggest and best health benefits that come with giving up smoking.

Dr Zubair Ahmed on reducing pressures that primary care faces

Dr Zubair Ahmed is the co-founder and CEO of Medicspot. Here, he discusses the state of the NHS and explains how he has put technology and pharmacy at the forefront of primary care to help reduce some of the pressures it faces.

Understanding men’s health: Men’s health matters

Why do men find it hard to get help for their health worries? Pf Magazine explores understanding men’s health.

Understanding men’s health: Men’s health matters

Why do men find it hard to get help for their health worries? Pf Magazine explores understanding men’s health.

What to do if your child is overweight and where you can seek help

Children are consuming more than twice as much sugar as they should per day, according to a shocking new report by Public Health England.

Beware the vampire bugs lurking in your paddling pool

Like many parents, I’ve loved watching my young children thrill in the simple delight of splashing about in a paddling pool during this hot spell.

Could an IV vitamin drip be fatal?

Intravenous vitamin drips have long been popular with A-listers but now 'regular' women are adopting the trend in the search of a quick-fix health boost.

How good is your balance really? We reveal the easy techniques you can do at home to get it up to scratch

Improve your mobility and reduce your risk of suffering a fall with our guide to boosting your body's natural balance system.

Good and bad fats: What’s the difference and which foods have them?

Good and bad fats are something we regularly hear of. But what is the difference? And how do we know what foods have fats which are beneficial for our health and what foods we should steer clear of?

Infection warning - does your snot look like this? What normal mucus looks like

Infection symptoms include headaches, aching muscles and a high fever. A runny nose could also be a warning sign of a virus or cold, but how can you tell if you’re at risk of something serious?

Diabetes type 2 diet advice

Diabetes type 2 requires patients to manage their blood sugar and to prevent sudden spikes in the amount of glucose in their diet.

GP start-up offering £39 video consultations in pharmacies

A start-up company co-founded by a GP is offering patients £39 video consultations in a number of pharmacies around England.

Turning the tables?

While all the talk may be of pharmacists working in GP practices, one GP decided to do it the other way around and take the GP into the pharmacy. Liz Jones reports.

Nutritionists Reveal The Worst Diet Advice They've Ever Heard

Eat just protein, or fruit, or potatoes(!), and you may find you lose a bit of weight. You may also find, as our experts explain, that your insides become a little bit toxic...

Nutritionists Reveal The Worst Foods You Can Eat On Cheat Day

Nutritionists Reveal The Worst Foods You Can Eat On Cheat Day

Has collaboration software wrought perilous communication overload?

A new generation of collaborative software, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, could prove a knowledge management boon. But does it have a dark side of communication overload?

Can't stop itching? This is what is causing your discomfort - and how to fix it quick

There’s nothing quite like scratching an itch for pleasurable relief – even if it usually makes it worse!

Why you definitely shouldn't be drinking baking soda for weightloss

Another day, another really silly diet trend to hit our social media feeds. Now, apparently people are drinking baking soda dissolved in water to slim down.

How bad is it to exercise when you're already achy?

For many of us, exercise is just as good for our mental health as it is for our physical. So there’s nothing more annoying than when you really want to lift some weights to get out the frustrations of the day, but your body is already feeling super achy.

5 benefits of quitting smoking

How often do you think about your immune system? Probably not until you come down with a cold or the dreaded flu, right? Well, for smokers that can be a regular occurrence since smoking has a negative effect on our immune system.

Why do we need community pharmacy?

Dr Zubair Ahmed discusses the important role the community pharmacy plays in the sustainability of healthcare.

Is technology taking over from traditional GPs?

As the NHS prepares for a severe flu outbreak this winter, a GP shortage, recruitment crisis and surgeries closing have resulted in patients not being able to get an appointment with their doctor.

Health management tips for men

When it comes to health, there can be a lot of information and advice on Google that can be misleading. A symptom can mean something completely different from patient to patient. Don’t spend ages trawling the internet but instead seek professional medical advice, as quickly as you can.

Dr Zubair Ahmed brings GP experience into local pharmacies

Dr Zubair Ahmed had always pledged to help as many people as possible while also bringing GPs and pharmacists closer together.

The Benefits of Employee Mental Health Breaks

Mental health in the workplace is still a taboo subject in many organisations. Research by Mind shows that a culture of fear and silence around mental health is costly to employers.

Is Private Healthcare Worthwhile for SMEs?

Many small businesses in the UK are missing out on the benefits of private healthcare. This is due to the common perception that private healthcare is something only large corporate companies can provide. However, increased competition in the healthcare industry has made health benefits more affordable and accessible to small businesses within the UK too.

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