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Covid 19. Check out our latest Covid blog posts

Covid 19

Check out our latest Covid Blog Posts

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There are a few things we can’t help with:

Severe chest pain or suspected heart attack

Neurological defects or seizures

Sudden or heavy bleeding

Repeat prescriptions

All controlled drug prescriptions, benzodiazepines, opiate pain-killers and alcohol detoxification

NHS referrals or prescriptions

Observation for Covid Testing / Covid Test Certificates

Health Declarations, Fitness Assessments, Certification of Health Conditions

Dental Treatments or Advice

Severe sudden onset of pain

Severe mental health issues (such as psychosis or suicidal thoughts)

Pregnancy-related complications

Major trauma on any part of the body, including head and neck injuries

Fever for more than 3 days associated with confusion or disorientation

Suspected stroke (slurred speech, facial droop, arm weakness)

Sudden onset of difficulty in breathing

Persistent breathlessness including asthma attacks

Patients on chemotherapy with suspected neutropenia

Note: this service is not for ongoing chronic care - it is not a replacement for your own GP.

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