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General Practitioner

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Dr Abby Hyams grew up in Manchester and did her medical training in Bristol. She has been a GP for over ten years, many of them as a partner in an NHS practice in Hemel Hempstead. Dr Hyams loves being a GP because of the wide spectrum of people she encounters every day.

Abby joined Medicspot for the opportunity to spend more time with her young family since she was working long hours as an NHS GP partner. With Medicspot, Abby works from home in a clinically supported environment whilst still being able to do some NHS work. Dr Abby Hyams also writes for Talk Health and has contributed to articles for NetDoctor, Independent and Glamour among others.

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Medical Experience

General Medical Practitioner – Highfield Surgery

Training & Qualifications

MBChB, DRCOG, DFFP, MRCGP (Distinction).

Specialisms and Areas of Interest

General Practice

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Woman Dealing with Symptoms of Flu
Acute sinusitis is a common condition affecting up to 10% of UK adults. Symptoms can vary in severity, ranging from a painful condition to a mild irritation.


Tinnitus is ringing, buzzing, or hissing in your ear(s) or in your head. These sounds may be intermittent or constant and can vary in volume.


We rely on our airways to carry air in and out of our lungs, but what happens if they don’t function properly? Asthma is a common cause – a chronic condition that affects 5.4 million people in the UK, making it difficult for air to reach the lungs and causing uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous symptoms.

Contraceptive Pill

The combined contraceptive pill is the most popular method of birth control in the UK. With perfect use, it can be up to 99.9% effective.

Birth Control

Birth control is an important part of many people’s lives. However, the large number of contraception options can be confusing.


Fatigue is the main health issue for 5-7% of people attending primary care (seeing their GP). Extreme fatigue can dramatically impact a person’s life with a loss of motivation and energy.


Herpes affects more than 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 worldwide. It is estimated that roughly one in six people aged between 14 and 49 suffer from genital herpes.

Emergency prescriptions

Many people need repeat prescriptions for a variety of conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hay fever and other chronic health conditions. Almost half of the UK rely on repeat prescriptions.

Health checks

It is essential to stay on top of your health with a health check. As you get older, your risk of serious health conditions increases. A full body health check can help you reduce your risk of getting a serious health condition such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or a stroke.


Migraine headaches can affect people’s mood and lifestyles when they occur frequently. Migraines can occur at any age but they usually begin in young adults and peak between ages 30 to 40. About 90% of people who have migraines experience the first one before the age of 40.


Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) can drastically affect people’s mood and lifestyle. It can be a long term condition that fluctuates in nature and severity.

Here’s how to deal with depression at Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but for many Christmas time is filled with pressure, anxiety and depression.

How To Help Someone Suffering From A Mental Health Issue This Christmas

Christmas can be a very overwhelming time of year, especially for an individual who’s struggling with a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety.

Why we need to stop buying 'lower fat' things

Are 'lower fat' products actually better for you? Dr Abby Hyams explains how food labels can be misleading.

How to help someone suffering from a mental health issue this Christmas

Christmas can be a very overwhelming time of year, especially for an individual who’s struggling with a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety.

Is giving up caffeine a good idea for your health?

For many people, caffeine is a staple part of their day. Present in tea, coffee, energy drinks, Coca Cola and even chocolate, the substance is the planet's most popular psychoactive drug.

Is It My Period Or A Health Issue? 6 Problems That May Not Be Because Of Your Cycle

If you suddenly begin having very painful period cramps or bleeding in the middle of your cycle, you might immediately assume that you have a period problem.

When is a headache something more serious?

Most of the time, headaches are not anything to worry about and will simply go away on their own. However, there are a few cases when a headache might be something more serious.

Fancy a video call with a GP?

HH Dickman and Son Pharmacy, in Berkhamsted High Street, will offer free healthcare services on Thursday, July 5. The move marks the NHS’ 70th birthday, and services include a personal video call with a private GP.

Three supplements you should consider

We're given so much - often conflicting - advice on how to live healthily, that it can easily get overwhelming. Are carbs actually the devil? And what about supplements?

Fuelling the festivities

Colds and flu, exhaustion, hangovers, indigestion – you name it, the winter weather and Christmas partying can do their worst. So what can pharmacy teams do to help customers keep happy, healthy and full of festive spirit?

Allergy season 2018: Why is hay fever so bad this year? Why is the pollen count so high?

Hay fever sufferers have been faced with a high pollen count this year as they battle constant sneezing, itchy eyes and throats, but why has it been especially bad this year?

How to relieve sinus pain naturally

Sinus pain and pressure can be an unpleasant experience that affects many people, often caused by the common cold or seasonal allergies. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to help relieve the pain.

How to Manage SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are you a fellow SAD sufferer? Don’t let the winter blues get you down – follow these doctors’ tips on fighting seasonal affective disorder…

Sweeteners: friend or foe of the food industry?

Food and drinks containing sweeteners have become increasingly popular as health concerns around sugar grow. However, are sweeteners safe, and does their inclusion across an array of foodstuffs provide health benefits?

Free private GP service in honour of 70 years of the NHS

Doctors at Robards Pharmacy, Battersea Rise will be seeing patients for free from 9am till 6pm on Thursday, July 5.

Seasonal affective disorder: how to beat SAD this winter

With the clocks going back and the colder temperatures setting in, there’s no hiding from the fact that winter is on its way.

What does tinnitus sound like?

Can you hear a whistling, buzzing, ringing or hissing in your ears? It could be tinnitus – a condition that affects as many as 30% of people at some point in their lives.

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