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Dr Faiza Khalid is a GP for Medicspot with 12 years of experience as a GP. Born and raised in the Home Counties, she pursued her passion for medical sciences at The University of Leeds. She proceeded to read her degree in Medicine at The Leicester-Warwick Medical School. In addition to being a GP, she is a qualified GP trainer, mentoring doctors wishing to pursue a career in General Practice.

Dr Khalid has an interest in preventative medicine, with a focus on lifestyle factors, nutritional science and the gut microbiome. She believes quick-fix solutions such as medication are helpful but can also incur problems such as possible drug interactions, side effects and often limited efficacy. Dr Khalid aims to identify the root cause of a medical problem and treat the underlying trigger of symptoms to help patients function better. In her spare time, Dr Faiza Khalid writes for Talk Health and contributes to Women’s Health and Yahoo News among others.

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Locum GP – NHS England

Honorary Lecturer – Durham University

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General Practice, Preventative Medicine

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Laryngitis symptoms often get worse during the first 3 days but can usually be managed at home. In most cases, laryngitis is a temporary condition that goes away by itself within 1 to 2 weeks. Find out whether you have laryngitis and get the right treatment today


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