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Dr Maheinthan Yogeswaran

General Practitioner

Medicspot’s expertise is rooted in Primary Care, and specifically General Practice and Telemedicine. All our Authors and Reviewers have expertise in Primary Care and related specialisms. See our Content and Editorial Policy to learn more about how we create and maintain Health Guide content that is up-to-date, accurate, trustworthy and helpful.

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Dr Maheinthan Yogeswaran qualified as a doctor from Aberdeen Medical School in 2007. He subsequently trained as a GP and now works as a GP for Medicspot alongside an NHS practice in Essex. He has a wide spectrum of experience, notably in palliative care.

Dr Yogeswaran also works on training future generations of GPs as a GP trainer. In his spare time, Dr Yogeswaran writes for Talk Health and has also contributed to articles for The Sun, Health & Wellbeing, BBC Three, Bustle and Daily Record among others.

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Medical Experience

General Practitioner – The Puzey Family Practice

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Specialisms and Areas of Interest

General Practice, Palliative Care

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Chest infections vary in severity – some clear up on their own while others can be life threatening. An early diagnosis helps reduce the risk of needing urgent medical attention. Find out what type of chest infection you have and get the right treatment today.


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Ear infections are very common in young children but you can still get an ear infection as an adult. The three main types of ear infection affect the three main parts of the ear: inner, middle, and outer. Find out what type of ear infection you may have and get the right treatment today.

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In the United States, the average coffee drinker consumes three cups per day, with over 50 percent of Americans over the age of 18 drinking it daily. This means there are over 150 million daily coffee drinkers in this county alone.

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