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    MedicSpot Clinic Locations

    Need to find your local walk in centre? MedicSpot has over 50 walk in clinics to choose from. We offer same day appointments so you no longer need to wait hours at an NHS drop in centre. Instead, you’ll be instantly connected with a MedicSpot doctor via video link. Your private doctor can examine you remotely using state-of-the-art technology and any prescribed medication can be collected on your way out. Book a private GP appointment and get seen straight away.

    "With over 65 million people living in the UK, it can be difficult getting a convenient NHS GP appointment. MedicSpot believes that giving patients options of how and when they see the doctor will improve satisfaction and health. Whether you live in London, Scotland, or the rest of England, our general practitioner services include same day online doctor appointments that allow you to get seen instantly."

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    Zubair Ahmed
    Founder & CEO MedicSpot

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    Walk In Clinic FAQs

    What is a walk in clinic?
    Ever wondered what is a walk in centre? A MedicSpot walk in clinic is a GP surgery that accepts walk in patients. We encourage all patients to book online to avoid wait times, but if you don’t have the time you can always walk in and get seen quickly.
    What are walk in centres for?
    Walk in centres offer convenience by providing same day appointments. MedicSpot private doctors can help with minor illnesses and health ailments.
    What do walk in clinics treat?
    MedicSpot private doctor can treat acute health problems. Learn more about what we can and can’t treat.
    Can walk in centres give prescriptions?
    You will have a video consultation with an expert GP who can remotely examine you and prescribe medication to help with your health issue. Prescriptions can be instantly collected at the pharmacy to save you having to make a second journey.
    Can you get the pill from a walk in centre?
    MedicSpot private GPs can prescribe the contraceptive pill. Our doctor will discuss your contraception needs, ensure that it is safe for you to be on the pill and can prescribe the pill if appropriate. You can either get your first prescription from us or even get a repeat prescription if you are already on it. We do not charge extra for writing prescriptions. All private prescriptions can be paid for and picked up at the same pharmacy as your consultation.
    Can I get a referral from a walk in clinic?
    MedicSpot private doctors can write sick notes and referral letters for patients at no additional charge.
    Where is my nearest walk in centre?
    We regularly get asked “where is the closest clinic to me?”. MedicSpot has over 50 locations across the UK, making it easy to find a walk in centre in your area. The current webpage helps you find your nearest walk in centre.
    How can I see a doctor on the weekend?
    We’re often asked “will the walk in clinic near me be open today?”. Most MedicSpot clinics are open on weekends. Check your nearest MedicSpot clinic for more information before you visit.
    What time does the walk in centre close?
    Need to know whether your nearest walk in clinic is open now? MedicSpot walk in clinics close at different times. Make sure to check your nearest walk in clinic closing times before visiting.
    How do I find a doctor near me?
    Find your nearest GP surgery by typing your postcode into the search bar on the map at the top of the page.

    NHS Walk In Centre Near Me

    MedicSpot exists to improve patient care in the UK. Our walk in clinics connect you with a private GP via video link in a matter of minutes. However, sometimes you may prefer to wait for NHS services rather than pay for private healthcare. We are often asked ‘where is my nearest NHS walk in centre’. To help you with your search, here are two great web resources from NHS England and NHS Scotland.

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