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    Book a same day online GP consultation and speak with a private doctor in Staffordshire today.

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    Have an online video consultation and a comprehensive examination with one of Medicspot's NHS registered doctors.

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    Your private GP in Staffordshire can issue prescriptions, available to pay for and collect immediately from the same pharmacy.

    Making you healthier, faster

    We believe convenient access to healthcare leads to a healthier, happier nation. That’s why we’ve designed the Medicspot Clinical Station - the safest way to see an online GP in Staffordshire.

    Find Staffordshire doctors near me

    Find your nearest private doctors in Staffordshire. You can have a video consultation with a private GP in Staffordshire in minutes. Book an appointment with a private GP in Staffordshire today.

    With over 860,000 people living in Staffordshire, it can be difficult getting a convenient NHS GP appointment. Whether you live in Fazeley, Drayton Bassett, Wilnecote, or Dosthill, our private GP services in Staffordshire include same-day appointments.

    Quickly see a private GP in Staffordshire

    Finding a ‘private GP practice near me’ has never been so easy. Medicspot’s state-of-the-art clinical station allows some of the best private GPs in Staffordshire to remotely conduct comprehensive clinical examinations, as well as issue sick notes, referral letters, and prescriptions. Speak to one of our remote private doctors from the comfort of your local pharmacy and collect your medication on your way out. Alternatively, you can book and attend your pre-booked online GP consultation with the use of your mobile device at home.



    Book private virtual doctor appointments at your local pharmacy clinic.



    Full remote clinical examinations with our state-of-the-art medical technology.



    Any prescribed medication will be ready to collect on your way out.



    We can refer you to specialists and write referral letters.

    Sick notes

    Sick notes

    Our doctors can write fit for work or school notes as needed.

    Certificates & forms

    Certificates & forms

    We can arrange certificates for you, including a Spanish visa medical certificate and a Covid-19 proof of recovery certificate. In addition we can arrange forms for you.

    What our patients say

    Medicspot offers a convenient, affordable and caring service to all. But don't just take our word for it. We've helped thousands of patients with a diverse range of health issues - here's what people are saying about us.

    "This service is amazing. So convenient for busy professionals that need to been seen urgently and can’t wait for NHS timescales."

    by Lou

    "Medicspot is the future of health care. Using the thermometer and stethoscope was easy and helped the Dr confirm my symptoms."

    by David

    "I absolutely loved this service! I was treated with respect and the GP was amazing. I feel so much better."

    by Sophie

    What we treat

    Medicspot private doctors can treat a variety of health conditions, from aches and pains to mental health. Visit our treatment page to see a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be treated by Medicspot.

    Staffordshire doctor FAQs

    Got a question we haven't answered here?

    Our team is available to help 7 days a week via live chat

    Can I book an appointment with a GP online?

    You can book an appointment with a GP online on our website or over the phone with one of our expert customer service representatives.

    How can I find a private doctors near me?

    You can find your nearest MedicSpot doctors surgery in Staffordshire by typing your town or city into the search bar.

    How much does a private GP appointment cost?

    It costs £45 for a consultation with a MedicSpot private doctor in Staffordshire. MedicSpot does not charge for writing prescriptions, sick notes, or referral letters.

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