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Easily find a GP practice in Scotland. MedicSpot’s state-of-the-art clinical station allows NHS registered GPs to conduct comprehensive clinical examinations, as well as issue sick notes, referral letters, and prescriptions. Instantly speak to one of our remote GPs from the comfort of your local pharmacy and collect your medication on your way out.

MedicSpot is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is one of only a few digital healthcare providers to have received top marks for clinical safety.

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MedicSpot helps you answer ‘Where is my nearest GP?’ and ‘find my nearest GP’. Use MedicSpot’s local GP finder to find a ‘GP surgery near me’ or select your nearest surgery from the list below.

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    Find A GP In Scotland Now

    You no longer have to wait weeks for an appointment with an NHS Scotland GP. Our private GP appointments can be booked around your schedule, making it easy and convenient to see a doctor. Our private GP services are ideal for those who find it difficult seeing NHS doctors in Scotland or those who find it difficult registering with a GP in Scotland. You do not need to register with a GP to see one of MedicSpot’s NHS registered doctors.

    What Can We Help With?

    • Aches & Pains

      Arthritis, Back Pain, Muscle Sprains etc…

    • Allergies

      Hayfever, House Dust Allergy, Itchy Eyes etc…

    • Chest Infections & Coughs

      Asthma, Pneumonia, Reflux etc…

    • Colds & Flu

      Influenza, Fever etc…

    • Ear, Nose & Throat

      Sore Throat, Ear Problems, Sinusitis etc…

    • Eye Problems

      Conjunctivitis, Red Eye, Stye, Blepharitis etc…

    • Headaches

      Tension Headache, Migraine etc…

    • Men's Sexual Health

      Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc…

    • Mental Health Issues

      Depression, Stress, Anxiety etc…

    • Skin Problems & Rash

      Acne, Eczema, Fungal infection, Hairloss etc…

    • Urine Infections

      Urine Infections, Cystitis, Incontinence etc…

    • Women's Sexual Health

      (Emergency) Contraception, Heavy Periods etc…

    • Feet & Nail

      Nail Infections, Athlete’s Foot etc…

    • General Wellbeing

      Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation etc…

    • Travel Medicine

      Travel Advice, Travel Anxiety, Period Delay etc…

    Private GP Scotland FAQs

    Who do I call for medical advice?
    MedicSpot’s customer service team is not medically trained so they cannot provide medical advice over the phone or on chat. NHS 24, Scotland’s health information and self-care advice service, recommends calling 111 if you’re too ill to wait until your GP opens and you need medical advice. The 111 phone number should not be used for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, dial 999 immediately.
    What do GP doctors do?
    General Practitioners, also known as GPs, are primary health care providers, meaning they are the first line of health care for people in the UK. A MedicSpot private GP will diagnose and treat your health issue during your consultation. To learn more about what a MedicSpot private doctor can and cannot treat, visit https://www.medicspot.co.uk/what-we-treat.
    Can you see a doctor without being registered?
    You do not need to pre-register to have a video consultation with a MedicSpot private doctor.
    How far can I live from my doctors surgery?
    It does not matter how far away you live from a MedicSpot clinic because we do not require patients to pre-register. You can visit any MedicSpot walk in centre to speak with one of our NHS registered doctors.
    How do I find out who my GP is?
    To find out who will be your MedicSpot private doctor for any given day, call our customer service number and they will be able to tell you who is on-call.
    How do I get a same day appointment?
    Need to know how to get a GP appointment today? It’s easy - simply type your town or city into the search bar on the map, select your nearest walk in clinic, and choose a time that fits around your schedule.
    Where is my nearest GP?
    We regularly get asked “where is my nearest doctors?”. MedicSpot has over 50 locations across the UK, making it easy to find a doctor in your area. The current webpage helps you find your nearest MedicSpot GP surgery in Scotland.
    How do I register with an NHS doctor?
    Whether you need to sign up to an NHS Scotland GP surgery for the first time or change to a different GP, it can be daunting to learn how to register with NHS Scotland. NHS Inform Scotland has up-to-date information on how to register with a doctor and has all the forms you need to do so.
    Where is my nearest hospital?
    The NHS Inform website allows you to find your nearest hospital or your nearest A&E and minor injuries unit in Scotland.

    Patient Reviews

    "With over 5 million people living in Scotland, it can be difficult getting a convenient NHS GP appointment. MedicSpot believes that giving patients options of how and when they see the doctor will improve satisfaction and health. Whether you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Dundee, our general practitioner services include same day online doctor appointments that allow you to get seen instantly."

    Doctor Zubair Ahmed Smiling
    Zubair Ahmed
    Founder & CEO MedicSpot

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    Our private GP services in Scotland include same day doctor appointments.

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