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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedicSpot?
MedicSpot allows you to see one of our online GP’s from the comfort of your pharmacy’s private consulting room via video-link (like over Skype or FaceTime). You will be able to see one of our doctors in a matter of minutes without even needing to make an appointment. With MedicSpot you can finally fit your doctor visits around your timetable!
Is There A Cost For This?
MedicSpot is a private GP service and hence there is a £39 fee per consultation. Your consultation will typically last 10-15 minutes, but we don’t charge extra if we take longer in dealing with your health complaint. We have kept our fees deliberately affordable as we recognise that we can help many more patients like you by giving them a safe, affordable and convenient alternative to their NHS GP surgery. Any medication that your MedicSpot doctor recommends will be issued as a paid-for private prescription that will be ready for collection on the way out.
What Can MedicSpot Help With?
MedicSpot can successfully complete 95% of consultations. In addition to providing diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions; MedicSpot can also issue sick notes, referral letters and general healthcare advice.
What happens if the doctor needs to examine me?
Our state-of-the-art MedicSpot Clinical Station allow the doctor to perform various examinations on you just as your normal GP would do. The doctor will guide you what you need to do, but a pharmacy staff member is always available to give you a helping hand if needed.
Who are your doctors?
All of our doctors are hand-picked UK based General Practitioners (GP’s) registered and regulated by the General Medical Council. In addition, MedicSpot is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission to ensure we meet the fundamental standards of safe and quality healthcare provision in the UK. You can find out more about our doctors by going to the about us page.
Shall I tell my regular GP that I used MedicSpot?
At the start of each consultation, you will be asked whether you want a copy of your records to go to your normal NHS GP. We encourage this to promote better continuity of care, but the decision is ultimately up to you. MedicSpot is designed to be used in addition to your normal GP, not as a substitute.
Can I use MedicSpot if I am not a resident of the UK?
Yes, MedicSpot can be used by anyone, even if they are visiting the UK temporarily as tourist. We also see many patients who have moved to the UK, but who have not yet been able to register with a NHS GP.
What conditions is MedicSpot not suitable for?
It is important to know that MedicSpot is not an emergency medical service and you should contact your local emergency services or attend accident & emergency if you feel that your condition is an emergency. These include things such as suspected heart attack or severe chest pain, neurological deficit or suspected stroke or seizures, severe or heavy bleeding, severe or sudden onset of pain, severe mental health issues such as thoughts of self harm, suicide or psychosis, pregnancy related complications, major trauma on any part of the body or unrelenting high fever.
Do I need to buy my prescription from the same pharmacy I've used MedicSpot from?
Whilst the vast majority of our patients get the prescription from the MedicSpot pharmacy, you are well within your rights to take your prescription to any other pharmacy. Just let the pharmacist know and you will be told on how to do this. It’s simple!
How can I provide feedback?
We really encourage all types of feedback so we can continue to improve our service. You can leave a comment at the end of your consultation, leave a Google review or simply by contacting us via email or phone.
How is MedicSpot different from other doctor apps?
As doctors, we recognise that examination equipment is needed to safely diagnose and treat many conditions which a video-chat only doctor cannot do. Doctors can treat you more safely and effectively if they have the ability to examine you.
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