MedicSpot Revolutionary Clinical Solutions

How It Works

Getting a GP appointment is hard enough even when you’re feeling at your fighting best; let alone when you’re unwell.

MedicSpot is a new service which makes it simple and easy to get the care you need at a time and location suitable for you.  Gone are the days of struggling to make an appointment, travelling to the surgery, late-running clinics all for a quick 10 minute appointment.  MedicSpot is specifically designed to give you easy, quick and convenient access to high quality healthcare – no matter where you are or when you need it.

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Collect Your Prescription After Your MedicSpot Consultation

Collect your treatment on the way out

Medicspot Pharmacy Station

MedicSpot Clinical Station

MedicSpot uses the latest advancements in medical technology to not only allow our doctors to see and speak with you, but also to perform a full clinical examination through the MedicSpot Clinical Station. As doctors, MedicSpot’s founders recognise the importance of carrying out an appropriate clinical examination and we know to leave nothing to chance. This allows MedicSpot’s doctors to accurately diagnose you and give you the correct treatment.