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How to book a private GP appointment online

Book a slot for your private GP appointment online

Select the most convenient time and day for you. We offer online GP appointments between 8am and 10pm, 364 days a year.

Speak to a GP

Speak to a GP on your phone or laptop via video call. They’ll speak to you, discuss any concerns and provide you with the best solution. All our doctors are trained by the NHS and can solve 94% of issues.

Collect your prescription

If the doctor decides to prescribe you the treatment, you can collect your medicine from a pharmacy of your choice, or arrange for your medicine to be delivered.

Why should you book a private GP appointment online?

Thousands of patients decide to book a private GP appointment online. This allows them to reduce travelling and waiting times for their face-to-face consultation. Our NHS-trained doctors can treat 94% of health conditions and can issue sick notes, fit notes and prescriptions.

What can an Online GP help with?

Fit Notes / Sick Notes

Private Open Referral Letters



Muscle Sprains

Back Pain

Tension Headaches

Hay Fever


Itchy Eyes


Chest Infections



Ear Infections



Sore Throat






Red Eye

UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections)

Lyme Disaese


Athlete's Foot

Nail Infections




Panic Attacks


Vitamin D Deficiency

Antibiotics if clinically appropriate

Period Delay

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss advice and guidance



There are a few things we can’t help with:

Controlled drug prescriptions, which encompass a range of treatments including strong pain relief, anxiety, depression and sleep medications

Medical form, Certificate of health, fitness assessment, or letter confirming illness or medical condition

For Prescription Weight Loss treatments see our dedicated service - https://www.medicspot.co.uk/weight-loss

Located outside the UK at the time of your appointment - we cannot consult or treat patients who are physically outside the UK.

Repeat prescriptions

Referral for a specific test or specific scan - alternative services are available to self refer

Ongoing care of conditions or act as your regular / main GP - this includes treatments that require ongoing monitoring and review

Severe chest pain or suspected heart attack

Neurological defects or seizures

Sudden or heavy bleeding

NHS referrals or prescriptions

Covid testing or observation, and covid test certificates

Dental Treatments or Advice

Severe sudden onset of pain

Severe mental health issues (such as psychosis or suicidal thoughts)

Pregnancy-related complications

Major trauma on any part of the body, including head and neck injuries

Fever for more than 3 days associated with confusion or disorientation

Suspected stroke (slurred speech, facial droop, arm weakness)

Sudden onset of difficulty in breathing

Persistent breathlessness including asthma attacks

Patients on chemotherapy with suspected neutropenia

Translation services - all appointments and documentation are available in the English language only

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Same Day Appointments Often Available

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