Orthopaedic Referral Letters

In need of an orthopaedic referral? If you require a referral to a private specialist, our GPs at Medicspot can provide you with a referral today, helping you reach the next stage of your treatment with an Orthopaedist sooner. Book an appointment with one of our online GP's today and we’ll do the rest.

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Orthopaedic Specialists

Orthopaedic doctors (sometimes also called orthopaedic doctors or orthopaedic surgeons) are doctors who focus on caring for your bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons (the tissue that connects bones and joints). These parts of your body are also referred to as your “musculoskeletal system.”

Orthopaedic doctors:

  • diagnose and treat injuries caused by sports or physical activity;
  • help you manage conditions that usually get worse over time, like arthritis or osteoporosis; and
  • help you avoid pain and discomfort from using a muscle or joint too often (also called “overuse injuries”).

Orthopaedic doctors specialise in treating these parts of the body:

How can I get a referral letter from Medicspot?

Book an appointment with one of our online GP’s today and you will be reviewed by one of our GPs who can write you a private referral or select the most appropriate specialist for you based on your symptoms. Your referral will be sent to you the same day.

Please note that this is not for matters which need an immediate review by a doctor. Please make an appointment with one of our doctors if you are suffering from any of the following:

  • A possible infection (including signs such a fever and rashes)
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Possible broken bones, neck or head injuries
  • Sudden loss of sight or eye pain
  • New headaches, loss of consciousness, fits/seizures or slurred speech
  • Loss of power to any of your muscles, facial droop, or loss of sensation
  • Sudden or heavy bleeding
  • Severe mental health problems such as psychosis or suicidal thoughts
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