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Antigen or lateral flow tests are quick, easy and hassle-free, giving you instant Covid-19 test results within in under 20 minutes. Whether you need an antigen test for travel or non-travel, we’ve got you covered. Order yours today for just £11.99 with free delivery and doctor-signed certificate.
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Fit To Fly Antigen Test With Observation
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Fit to Fly Antigen Test
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General Lateral Flow Tests
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Rapid Antigen Tests for Travel: How it Works

Order your tests online with free delivery

Free standard delivery is included (3-5 working days). Express Delivery (1-2 working days) is available at checkout for an extra £2.

Quick and easy testing

Register your kit then follow the instructions on how to perform the non-invasive swab test.

Receive your test results and certificate fast

Get your results in 20 minutes. Take a photo, upload to our website and receive a doctor certificate straight to your email (certificate sent 06.00-22.00).

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Antigen Tests - Guide & FAQs

This guide will inform you with everything you need to know about Antigen testing:

Introduction to Antigen Tests for Travel

What is an Antigen Test?

Antigen Tests, also known as rapid Antigen or Lateral Flow Tests, look for proteins produced by the virus called Antigens. You can take Antigen Tests with you on your travels as they don’t require a laboratory. These are similar to a pregnancy test.

Watch our short video guide on Antigen (Lateral Flow) Testing here:

What’s the difference between an Antigen Test, a Rapid Antigen Test and a Lateral Flow Test?

Antigen Test, a Rapid Antigen Test and Lateral Flow Test are terms for the same type of test.

Why are Antigen Tests used for Travel?

Antigen Tests are quick and easy to use and are a much cheaper alternative to PCR tests, giving travellers results in just 20 minutes compared to the standard PCR test which gets sent off to a laboratory and can take up to 72 hours to issue a test result.

Are Antigen Tests acceptable for travel TO the UK?

No, starting from 18 March 2022, all travellers arriving in the UK are not required to take any covid tests, including antigen pre-departure test.

Are Antigen Tests acceptable for travel FROM the UK?

The tests needed to travel out of the UK will depend on both the destination you are travelling to and your vaccination status. We advise checking the government website of the destination you are travelling to prior to purchasing an Antigen Test for travel.

What will my test kit include?

Your private test kit will include an Extraction Buffer Tube Holder, Test Cassette in sealed pack, Extraction Buffer Tube in sealed pack, Waste Bag and a Disposable Swab.

How effective are Antigen Tests?

Antigen Tests used by the UK government go through a rigorous evaluation by the country’s leading scientists. This means they are accurate, reliable and successfully identify those with Covid-19 who are not showing symptoms and could spread the virus without knowing. Rapid Antigen Tests for travel deliver a rapid result in 30 minutes and can find positive cases with high levels of virus present that are easy to transmit to others, helping to reduce further infections.

Can you use an NHS Antigen Test for travel?

No, NHS tests cannot be used for international travel.

How to get an Antigen Test for Travel

How can I get an Antigen Test?

We have a range of Antigen Tests on offer to suit your travel needs. You can order an Antigen Test for travel on our website for just £11.99. This includes free standard delivery.

Can I use the covid recovery certificate for travel instead of an Antigen test?

Yes, some countries are now accepting covid recovery certificates or letters to enter the country. However, you should check with your destination country's regulations or visit the foreign travel advice website to make sure that your destination country accepts this.

General (Non-travel) Antigen Test?

Where can I get a lateral flow test (LFT) for general testing?

The government will stop providing free NHS lateral flow tests on April 1st 2022. If you would like to get your LFT, Medicspot provides LFT for general testing (price starts from £3.99 per kit), including a doctor-signed certificate that can be used to get into public events.

Can I use this LFT for general testing for travel?

No, this test cannot be used for travel. If you’re looking for a LFT for travel, please head to our Covid Travel test page to find the appropriate certification.

Can I use this test to get into events?

Yes, our general LFT testing comes with a doctor-signed certificate that can be used to get into events.

How much does this LFT for general testing cost?

Our test starts from just £3.99 per kit and it comes in a pack of 1, 4 and 10. Please head to our general LFT test page for more information.

When will I get my certificate?

Your doctor-signed certificate will be issued within 2 hours after you submit your result.

Where can I get an Antigen Test for Travel near me?

Our guaranteed, same-day result Covid-19 Antigen Tests are available to order online for just £11.99 with free delivery to anywhere in the UK. Our Antigen Tests for travel can be delivered to your home or a convenient place near you, such as your workplace or hotel.

Taking an Antigen Test for Travel

How do you take an Antigen Test?

An Antigen Test involves rolling a swab inside of each nostril. You should do this five times per nostril to ensure a good quality sample. The swab is then placed into a liquid to allow the Antigen to dissolve in the liquid. This liquid is then dripped onto the device's pad, producing a reaction that gives a result. See the infographic below for a step by step visual on how to perform an Antigen Test on yourself.

The Covid-19 self-test kit is a swab test for the nose to check if you are infectious. It's for people who have symptoms as well as those with no symptoms. However, you should follow national guidelines to check which type of test is right for you.

What does an Antigen Test kit include?

The test kit includes an at-home Diagnostic RAT Test, complete with a full set of instructions and materials to ensure you perform the test correctly.

How does an Antigen Test work?

Antigen Tests work by mixing a sample with a solution that unleashes specific viral proteins. That combination is then applied to a paper strip that contains a bespoke antibody optimised to bind these proteins if they are present. Like a home pregnancy test, the result is reflected as a band on the paper strip. The process doesn’t require a lab and can be done in up to 30 minutes.

What does an Antigen Test look like?

See the image below.

Rapid tests give a quick result using a device similar to a pregnancy test.

When should I take an Antigen Test for travel?

This will depend on various scenarios. The most common uses are for pre-departure testing and Return to UK testing.

Are Antigen Tests painful to perform?

The test should not be painful, but it can be a bit uncomfortable. The nasal swab may make your eyes water but this is normal.

Can you take an Antigen Test yourself?

Yes. Antigen Tests are quick and easy to perform on yourself. You can call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines) if you need extra support.

What is an observed Antigen Test and which countries require observed testing?

Observed Antigen testing is required by some countries including the USA. It involves a health professional observing you take an Antigen Test. This usually takes place at home via video call. To book an observed Antigen Test with us, simply book a virtual appointment - details of which will be provided with your test kit instructions.

Antigen Travel Test Results

How accurate are Antigen Tests for travel?

We can measure the accuracy of Antigen Tests by assessing their sensitivity and specificity.

Sensitivity refers to how well a test is at finding infection in a person with a condition. When someone has low levels of the virus in their system, Antigen Tests are less sensitive than some of the other tests used, such as PCR which is used for those experiencing symptoms.

This means that Antigen Tests may not detect Covid-19 in a person with smaller amounts of the virus in their airways. Antigen Tests are more reliable when an individual has a high viral load, which is important as these people are more likely to spread the virus. Ongoing review for rapid Antigen Testing shows an overall sensitivity of 76.8%. This is quite low, so if you have symptoms, we recommend that you use an alternative test, such as a PCR test.

Specificity refers to how well a test can detect a negative result in a person without a condition. If a person doesn’t have a condition, a test with high specificity is more likely to correctly identify that they don’t have it. Ongoing review for rapid Antigen Testing shows that the test has a specificity of 99.68%.

How long do Antigen Test results take?

You can expect to receive a test result within 20 minutes. It is important that you leave your test for the recommended development time to get an accurate result. If the test device is left to develop longer you may receive a false-positive result and you may need to repeat the test.

Can an Antigen Test give a false negative?

False negatives can occur and are a result indicating an infected person is free of the virus when they are not. This can be due to the test's deficiencies (Antigen Tests don't amplify their protein signal, so they are inherently less sensitive) or from poor samples, which can be difficult to collect with nasal swabs.

Can an Antigen Test give a false positive?

Rapid Antigen Tests rarely give a false-positive result. A false positive is when you test positive for Covid-19 when you don’t actually have it.

Can having the vaccine result in a positive Antigen Test result?

Receiving a Covid-19 vaccine will not produce an Antigen Test result since these tests check for active disease, not immunity. There is no active virus present in any of the Covid-19 vaccines.

How do I know if my Antigen Test is positive?

If two lines appear on the device, one next to ‘C’ (Control) and one next to ‘T’ (Test), even if they are faint, the test is positive. Yourself or your test provider must report this test result to NHS Track and Trace. You must also self-isolate immediately to prevent further transmission of the virus. Please check the government website for the latest guidance.

How do I know if my Antigen Test is negative?

If one line appears next to ‘C’ on the device, the test is negative. It should be noted that a negative result does not rule out the Covid-19 infection as there can be false-negative results.

How do I know if my Antigen Test is void or inconclusive?

Any test without a line next to ‘C’ should be voided and a new test is done with a fresh kit. C= Control - it shows you that the test is working. You should see a ‘C’ on every test result. Very infrequently, you may receive an inconclusive swab result. This can be caused by a poor sample taking technique. As a result, you may not have the time or means to purchase another kit before your flight. We offer a spare kit to avoid this situation.

The diagram above shows each of the possible results you can expect from an Antigen Test.

How long does it take for a test result to appear?

The time it takes for a test result to appear varies for different tests. You should leave your test for a recommended 15-minute development time to get an accurate result. If the test device is left to develop longer you may receive a false-positive result and you will need to repeat the test.

What happens if the photo of my test result or test card is not clear?

If your test result is unclear it may be processed as inconclusive and will not be able to issue a test result certificate. We supply a spare test kit to avoid having to re-purchase a test before your flight.

Can I reuse an Antigen Test?

No, you cannot reuse an Antigen Test as they are single-use only.

How do I dispose of the test kit?

You should carefully dispose of the test device and equipment in your household rubbish.

Antigen Travel Tests compared to other Covid Tests

What’s the difference between an Antigen Test and a PCR test?

Both PCR and Antigen Tests look for current infection. However, PCR tests are more accurate than Antigen Tests - they are known as the “gold standard”. An Antigen Test looks for proteins created by the virus, whereas a PCR test looks for the genetic material of the virus itself. Most PCR tests need to go to a laboratory for the results to be processed. This means that it can take hours to days to get the results. Rapid Antigen Tests can be done at home, using a pregnancy-style test, giving results in minutes.

How is an Antigen Test different from an Antibody Test?

An Antigen Test looks for proteins created by the virus, whereas an Antibody Test looks for the cells that your body has created to protect you from Covid-19 (because you have previously been exposed to it). Additionally, Antigen Tests look for current infection, whilst Antibody Tests look for previous infections. An Antigen Test can be done at home, using a pregnancy-style test, giving results in minutes, whereas an Antibody Test requires a blood sample to be sent to a laboratory.

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