Turn Your Pharmacy into a Digital Walk in Centre

MedicSpot allows pharmacies to offer on-demand online private medical consultations from your consulting room.

Medicspot Clinical Station

  • Blood Pressure Cuff

    Allows your doctor to take
    your blood pressure

  • Stethoscope

    To listen to your
    heart and lungs

  • MedicCam

    To look into your
    throat or ears

  • Pulse Oximeter

    Measures your oxygen
    levels and pulse rate

  • Thermometer

    To take your

  • Prescription

    Our doctors can prescribe
    medication for you to
    collect instantly

Work with MedicSpot to turn your consulting room into a walk in centre and give your patients instant access to private GP appointments. Increase footfall, increase revenue from private prescriptions and OTC sales and differentiate yourselves from others.

We are looking for forward-thinking innovative pharmacies with great customer service at their very core. If you would like to find out more, please email info@medicspot.co.uk with your pharmacy name and address.

“I was very excited when Dr Ahmed first approached me with MedicSpot and I instantly saw why it is such a brilliant concept for both pharmacies and our patients alike. The whole set-up process is very easy and we are able to give our patients a valuable and convenient service”

Meir Kattan
Owner & Pharmacist
Kalmak Chemist, London