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When travelling from the UK to the Maldives, you will need the correct health certification. Medicspot offers Covid testing and fit to fly certificates, allowing you to travel to the Maldives without any additional stress.

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Covid-19 PCR testing for the MaldivesCovid-19 PCR testing for the Maldives
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Latest Updates

From 16 December 2020, all tourists and short-term visitors to the Maldives must present a negative Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival. The test and negative certificate must have been issued within 96 hours of departure.

Covid-19 antigen tests are not accepted for those travelling to the Maldives from the UK. Alternatively, you can test for Covid-19 using one of our PCR test kits which must be taken no more than 96 hours before departing the UK. Failure to provide a negative Covid-19 test may result in travellers being refused entry to the Maldives.

The Maldives is on the red list for entering England. You will only be allowed to enter the UK if you are a British or Irish National, or you have residence rights in the UK. If you’re planning to return to the UK from the Maldives, you’re required to take an antigen test from a government-listed service provider. See our antigen page for details on how to buy a Covid-19 antigen test.

Maldives Travel Advice

Which Covid-19 test do I need to travel to the Maldives?

If you are travelling to the Maldives from the UK, you must undertake a negative Covid-19 PCR test within 96 hours of departure. Temperature checks and screening procedures will also be in place upon arrival.

Do I need any additional documentation to travel to the Maldives?

Yes. Travellers from the UK to the Maldives are required to complete a Traveller Health Declaration form 24 hours before departure. Passengers must also complete an Immigration Arrival Card upon arrival in the Maldives.

How much does a Covid-19 test cost for travel to the Maldives?

A Covid-19 test costs £149 for travel to the Maldives. This covers the PCR test as well as a Fit to Fly certificate.

Are Medicspot Covid tests approved by the Maldives?

Yes. Medicspot tests and Fit to Fly certificates are universally recognised by both Maldive airlines and the Maldives’ government.

What documentation will I get following my Covid test in order to meet the Maldives’ travel requirements?

If your Covid-19 test is negative, Medicspot will provide you with negative test results as well as a Fit to Fly certificate. This documentation will be provided within the 96 hour testing requirement window.

How long before my flight to the Maldives should I take a Covid test?

As of 16 December, travellers from the UK to the Maldives are required to take a negative PCR test within 96 hours of their flight.

Will I still need to quarantine on arrival in the Maldives if I have tested negative for Covid-19?

Potentially. The Maldives government has stated that tourists will not be required to quarantine upon arrival. 

However, any non-tourist passengers travelling from the UK to the Maldives are required to self-isolate for 10 days and register on the Hallubelun portal. During this period, visitors must undertake a Covid-19 test on Day 5 and Day 10.

Disclaimer All information is provided as guidance only. Ultimate responsibility for ensuring tests meet travel requirements lies with the traveller. Medicspot cannot be held liable for the advice provided here, given the changing nature of the government guidelines and the testing environment.

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