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Australia is re-opening its borders to international travel

Australia’s borders are re-opening for international travel but what does this mean if you have tested positive for COVID-19? Find out how you may still be able to travel to Australia here.

Inbound international travel to Australia - what’s new?

Australia has announced the re-opening of its borders to vaccinated tourists and other visa holders for the first time in almost two years. The re-opening of Australia’s border from 21 February 2022, will be welcome news for many travellers, allowing fully vaccinated tourists to enter Australia. However, all unvaccinated travellers will still need a valid exemption to enter the country.

How can I travel to Australia when I’m still testing positive for Covid-19?

Travellers to Australia are required to show a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to departure. However, this can be difficult for those who have previously tested positive for Covid-19 and who continue to receive positive PCR tests, even weeks after the initial infection and after they have made a full recovery.

Proof of Recovery Certificates for Australia

Covid Recovery Certificates, Covid Recovery Letters or Proof of Immunity Letters (different names for the same type of certificate) certify that you have recovered from Covid-19 and are believed to have a natural immunity to the virus as a result. The Australian government have announced that individuals who have had Covid-19 and have recovered less than 30 days ago but continue to test positive are able to travel to Australia provided they are able to show proof of recovery by a registered medical professional.

Medicspot provides Covid Recovery Certificates from GMC-registered UK doctors allowing you to travel with ease, replacing the need to show a negative PCR Covid test, limiting the stress and hassle of having to calculate which day you need to book, order and take a PCR test before your flight to Australia.

The process is quick and easy. Simply send us proof of your positive Covid test result (this can be in the form of a PDF, screenshot or photo of a certificate) and answer our online assessment to confirm that you have fully recovered – no appointment needed. Once submitted, one of our doctors will review the form and, where appropriate, they will be able to send your certificate via email in just a couple of hours (during UK working hours).

You can find more information on our recovery certificates for travel to Australia here.

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