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Travel safely to the EU even if you’re not fully vaccinated

Unvaccinated travellers or those who are still testing positive for infection are still eligible to travel to some countries within the EU provided they are able to demonstrate recovery from the Covid-19 infection within the last 6 months. Read on to find out how!

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Travel to the EU

Travel to the EU

If you have recently recovered from, or are not fully vaccinated against, Covid-19, you can still travel to some countries in the European Union.

Where you have had Covid-19 more than 11 days ago, but within 180 days, and have completely recovered, you are likely to have developed a natural immunity to Covid-19 and are then eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate.

The European Council recognises Covid Recovery Certificates as equivalent to the EU Digital Covid Certificate, but please be aware that some countries in the EU have their own requirements (e.g. Austria and Cyprus require your test date to be no less than 14 days), so please check this travel planner before you travel: https://reopen.europa.eu/en.

How can I travel to the EU even if I am not fully vaccinated?

Covid Recovery Certificates, Covid Recovery Letters or Proof of Immunity Letters (all different names for the same type of certificate) state that you have successfully recovered from Covid-19 and are believed to have a natural immunity to the virus as a result. Medicspot provides Covid Recovery Certificates enabling you to travel with ease even if you are not vaccinated, allowing you to enter some EU countries.

The process is quick and easy. Simply send us proof of your positive Covid test result (this can be in the form of a PDF, screenshot or photo of a certificate) and answer our online assessment to confirm that you have fully recovered – no appointment needed. Once submitted, one of our doctors will review the form and, where appropriate, they will be able to send your certificate via email in just a couple of hours (during UK working hours).

You can find more information on our recovery certificates for travel to the EU here.

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