Your employee healthcare plan

Medicspot recognises how important a healthy workforce is to you and how you wish to support your employees with their health and wellbeing.

Supporting your team

We recognise healthy employees are key to your company’s success. As it becomes more difficult for people to access healthcare around their busy schedules, Medicspot supports your team with quality care that is built around their needs - and yours. 2 weeks is the average time it takes to get a GP appointment. 4 hours is the average time it takes to see a GP. 40% of employees want access to virtual or private GPs.

Empower your employees

Show your employees you value them by investing in their health and wellbeing, helping them to get back on their feet if they become unwell. Productivity has been shown to increase when employees are healthier, happier and better motivated. 131 million days every year are lost due to sick leave. £522 is the median cost per employee per year to your organisation due to sick leave. £243 is the minimum cost savings per employee per year with Medicspot.

Why Medicspot?

Immediate and on-demand GP consultations from your office or a nearby clinic. Unlimited doctor consultations. No need to pay expensive doctor fees. No hassle. Quick and easy to set up.

How it works

Medicspot is a simple three-step process for patients. Your employee needs to see a doctor

Your employee needs to see a doctor

Your employee receives expert advice and support.

Your employee collects their prescription on the same day.

Most common causes of sick leave

Medicspot can effectively treat 95% of all health issues with its Clinical Station, including the three most common causes of sick leave.

` sick days`

A great healthcare plan doesn’t just increase productivity, it shows you care.

Dr Zubair Ahmed

Founder of Medicspot

Regulated and secure

Medicspot has been awarded a 'good' rating by the Care Quality Commission.

  • Regulated and secure
  • Support with GPhC inspections
  • Full GDPR compliance
Secure and trusted
GMC Registered Doctors
Care Quality Comission
Safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led services
Speedy and convenient

What our patients say

Medicspot has helped thousands of patients with a diverse range of health issues. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our patients are saying about us.

"This service is amazing. So convenient for busy professionals that need to been seen urgently and can’t wait for NHS timescales."

by Lou

"Medicspot is the future of health care. Using the thermometer and stethoscope was easy and helped the Dr confirm my symptoms."

by David

"I absolutely loved this service! I was treated with respect and the GP was amazing. I feel so much better."

by Sophie

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We offer a range of healthcare plans to suit your business needs.

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity