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4 May 20203 mins read

Medicspot rolls out game-changing technology for remote diagnosis amid Covid-19 outbreak

Lucas Wickens

Head of Brand & Comms at Medicspot

Working in partnership with CCGs, PCNs and GPs, innovative healthcare technology provider Medicspot is rolling out a health diagnosis system across the UK that allows GPs to assess patients remotely — without PPE.

Medicspot is installed at GP surgeries and allows doctors to see patients remotely and carry out tests including temperature, oxygen levels and heart and lung checks without the need for PPE. This self-service station guides the patient on performing an examination on themselves whilst the doctor is there to ensure that the patient is doing it correctly.

This unique technology is game-changing in the current crisis, offering protection to both GPs and patients as the latter can be seen without a physical examination being needed. This also means that those GPs self-isolating at home can continue to work and look after their patients.

There has been enthusiastic GP support for this technology as many are concerned for their health with their jobs dictating that they must come close to potentially infected patients. Five GP surgeries have already installed the new system, including The Goldborne Medical Centre in Kensington; South Downs Health and Care in Eastbourne; Willows Health Centre in Leicester; and St Andrews Health Centre in Tower Hamlets. Many more are waiting to be installed in practices from Greenwich to Warrington.

Dr Zubair Ahmed, GP and Medicspot CEO, said: “This innovative technology could prove to be life-saving amid the current coronavirus outbreak. With retired GPs returning to work to support the NHS at this time, and a reported quarter of healthcare professionals in self-isolation, the ability to remotely diagnose patients removes the associated risk to GPs and patients of contracting the virus. It also lessens the current pressure around PPE provision, which has been in short supply.

Dr Zubair Ahmed, Co-founder and CEO of Medicspot

“In addition, this system will give GPs the ability to restart their scheduled chronic disease services. Patients with conditions such as high blood pressure, COPD or asthma are not being monitored due to the present situation and it is imperative that we do as much as we can to help restart this review process when the time is right.

“Only 6% of patients need to be referred for a face to face consultation after using the Medicspot system which really improves the efficiency that can be achieved through telehealth to combat healthcare shortages. The easy to use system can be used by most patient groups with patients ranging in age from five to ninety years of age. Demand for this technology has been significant with NHS organisations calling for Medicspot to be installed in hundreds of surgeries nationwide.”

Patient using pulse oximeter during a Medicspot consultation at the Golborne Medical Centre, London, 20th April 2020 (Credit: SWNS)

Dr Yasmin Razak, GP Principal at Golborne Medical in Ladbroke Grove, West London, said: “We installed Medicspot last week as a solution to assess patients without danger of Covid-19 transmission and also to be able to treat patients that were suffering from different illnesses.

“We can fully assess the ENT, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and more all without the risk of infection to either doctor or patient. The value of remote oxygen monitoring is unmeasurable. It is the nearest we can get to a face-to-face consultation at the moment and in all likelihood, for months to come. It is an amazing tool and there is no other solution like it available — it is 10 times better than the next technology.”

Dr Bhakti Visani during a contact-free examination with a patient at The Golborne Medical Centre, London, 20th April 2020 (Credit: SWNS)

There is a strong supply chain to roll out Medicspot, with all manufacturing performed in the UK. Medicspot has further strengthened its supply chain so that it can keep pace with the demand it is experiencing and continue to help GPs to better manage their Covid-19 response. The company states that installations can go live within one week of the first enquiry from a GP practice. Installation and training for both doctors and other practice staff are provided by Medicspot.


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