19 March 20201 min read

Medicspot awarded £445k grant by Innovate UK

Lucas Wickens

Head of Brand & Comms at Medicspot

Medicspot has been awarded £445,235 in funding from Innovate UK to research and develop the first-ever Digital Healthcare Assistant (HCA).

Medicspot’s HCA will be a highly accessible and intelligent clinical station that will be installed in pharmacies. The Medicspot HCA can guide patients through safe and reliable self-examination using point-of-care devices, including peak flow meter, medicam, stethoscope, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor.

The Digital HCA will be used for services where the need for affordable and reliable examination cannot be met by current telehealth solutions. This includes routine monitoring of chronic conditions such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Hypertension (high blood pressure); as well as the initial assessment of acute conditions.

Medicspot aims to save clinician time and NHS money by removing the need for a clinician to be present in these appointments. We will distribute the Digital HCAs through Medicspot’s rapidly growing network of over 300 pharmacies and offer them to help GPs offer efficient and convenient healthcare to their patients. Dr Zubair Ahmed, CEO of Medicspot, said: “We’re honoured to be awarded this grant by Innovate UK to fulfil our vision of creating an innovative digital workforce that can dramatically increase primary healthcare capacity and transform the patient experience.”

Innovate UK is the UK government’s innovation agency set up to accelerate UK economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.


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