4 March 20202 mins read

Medicspot launches new grant for medical students

Lucas Wickens

Head of Brand & Comms at Medicspot

Medicspot is dedicated to improving health outcomes by advancing primary care.

With forward-thinking healthcare professionals and cutting-edge technology, we hope to shape the future of healthcare.

That’s why we’ve created the Medicspot Innovation Grant — a chance for the next generation of doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals to voice their ideas and receive support for their studies.

We invite students studying a degree related to public health, pharmacy, medicine, nursing or life sciences to apply for the £500 grant to help support them during their studies. Successful applicants will also receive a year membership to use the Medicspot service.

Applicants should provide short answers to two questions regarding the future of healthcare, encouraging students to share their ideas on bringing pharmacies to the frontline of primary care and identifying the challenges that face the widespread adoption of digital healthcare.

Dr Zubair Ahmed, Co-founder and CEO of Medicspot, said:

We are introducing this grant to help students get off to the best possible start in an industry that is constantly changing.

Medicspot recognises the need for exceptional healthcare professionals in advancing primary care. We hope to improve health outcomes by bringing together forward-thinking health professionals with the latest technology.

We’re looking for the next generation of healthcare professionals to share their ideas and help us shape the future of healthcare.

Dr Zubair AhmedCo-founder and CEO of Medicspot

Students are free to spend their £500 grant as they wish, although we recommend using it to contribute towards learning resources, books, medical supplies and travel or support your own innovation.

Applicants must answer the following two questions in their application:

  • NHS primary care is struggling and for many decades, the government has encouraged patients to go to their pharmacy as a first port of call with limited success. How can we encourage more patients to visit their local pharmacy for primary care? (500 words)
  • Digital health innovation has been heralded as the saviour to many pressing global health challenges. What is the biggest challenge facing the widespread adoption of digital healthcare? (500 words)

Applications for the Medicspot Innovation Grant close on 31st March 2020 and three lucky recipients will be announced on the 13th April.

To learn more about the grant or to apply, click here.


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