Mounjaro weight loss

From £129 a month

Experience revolutionary weight loss today with Medicspot. Start on your weight loss journey with Medicspot's Mounjaro service, supporting you to achieve your goal weight. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a personalised approach to achieve lasting results. Sign up now to receive updates about the service.

  1. What is Mounjaro?

    Mounjaro is an innovative weight loss treatment designed for those who seek a significant and sustainable approach to weight management. As a prescription injection used alongside diet and exercise, it works by regulating appetite to reduce hunger and help you feel fuller for longer. This cutting-edge solution, powered by its active ingredient, tirzepatide, is clinically proven to aid in substantial weight loss and improve overall health markers.

How does the programme work?

  1. Medical consultation

    You'll start your journey by completing a health questionnaire, which will then be reviewed by our team of healthcare professionals to make sure Mounjaro is the right treatment for you.

  2. Personalised plan

    You'll then receive a tailored treatment plan, and have your delivery of Mounjaro arranged as soon as you are ready to start.

  3. Ongoing support

    Benefit from continuous care and support from our team, ensuring your weight loss journey is successful and sustainable.

Frequently asked questions